Child Care Program

North Miami Adult Educational Center provides a Child Care Program in order to meet the needs of our students with children. Students can bring their children to the campus each school day and be assured that their sons and daughters are nearby and receiving great care in a loving and nurturing atmosphere.

Registration Procedures Checklist

  • Pick-up the child care enrollment packet and insurance form from Ms. Michelle Gilles in room 2133.
  • Completely fill out and submit the child care application, the insurance application, and fee (money order only), and return them to Ms. Michelle Gilles in room 2133.
  • Request Ms. Gilles to schedule a meeting with the Assistant Principal, Dr. Todd S. Meiklejohn to review your application and paperwork prior to program entry.


Child Care Program Rules

  1. Children must be between the ages of 3 and 12.
  2. All required paperwork must be filled out, fees paid, and your application must be approved by Dr. Meiklejohn prior to entry.
  3. This program is only for the age appropriate children of students currently registered at the North Miami Adult Education Center.
  4. Only the adult parent/guardian can register a child for the child care program.
  5. Child Care services are only offered Monday-Thursday between the hours of 3:00 pm and 9:30 pm.
  6. The child care program is closed on all official School Board holidays and teacher work days.
  7. The parent/guardian is responsible for picking up their child on time and dropping them off to the program every day.
  8. A non-refundable insurance fee is required prior to your child’s enrollment in the child care program.
  9. The child care program does not provide meals for your child/children and children are not allowed to bring food to the child care room.
  10. If your child is on any type of medication, it must be disclosed prior to program entry. The staff does not administer medication, nor are they responsible for administering or monitoring medication(s) that your child may be prescribed.
  11. This school may terminate your child’s enrollment in the program effective immediately if any of the following conditions arise:
    a. In the judgment of school administration, your child’s behavior threatens the physical or mental
    health of other children in the program and cannot be improved;
    b. Your child brings a weapon, or drugs to the program, or violates a School Board Policy that
    requires immediate removal from School Board property;
    c. Your child is picked up late more than (2) days in any 30-day period; or
    d. Your child is ill when brought to the child care (2) times; or
    e. The parent fails to pick up a sick child promptly more than (2) times within any 30-day period.